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Not all people consider skin toner to be important, but if you are using the right formulation for your skin type it can do wonders for your appearance. Many people find it makes their skin care regime more pleasurable too as it can really make the skin feel clean and fresh, compared to just using a cleanser.

Toner should be applied after using your cleanser. If the cleanser is a formulation which requires rinsing you should gently pat dry your face before using the toner. Apply the toner with cotton wool it sweeping motions then blot dry with some tissue if necessary. It is essential to use a good moisturizer after toning.

The reason toner is so good for the appearance of your skin is that it can tighten pores. This is the same effect that splashing with cold water will have, but with better, longer lasting results. Toning will also help re-balance the pH of your skin, as cleansing can alter the face's natural balance.

Toner is also of great benefit for making sure that your skin is completely clean after cleansing. Any make up residue left after you have used your cleanser should be evident on the cotton wool once you have toned. It also penetrates the pores more deeply than a cleanser can so that more dirt and dead skin cells are removed.

Toner should make your face feel clean, not tight or sore. People with dry or sensitive skin skin should avoid toners which contain alcohol as they are more drying. Those with oily skin may also wish to avoid toners with alcohol as they can strip too much sebum from the skin and cause the skin to over produce oil to replenish itself.

Using toner on a daily basis is the best way to achieve a clear, radiant complexion.