Beautiful Asian Hand Fans
Oriental Chinese Fan
Could a hand fan be a great gift?
Of course a hand fan or handheld folding fan could be a great gift for any occasion for anyone. A little kid can see it as toy stuff, no doubt while a mother would see it as home decor item. Others can use it as useful item in summer to induce airflow. There are some occasions you can present these hand fans to others
Materials for Making a Hand Fan
Hand fan is a homemade product. It is a really useful stuff for home decor. It is possible making a hand fan only bamboo and paper while on the other hand you can make one with only plastic. It depends on quality and the style of hand fans. To make a hand fan you need to have these materials including colorful elegant paintings on hand fans:

1) Bamboo
2) Paper
3) Plastic
4) Wood
5) Silk

Hand Fan Museums 
The Hand Fan Museum This is the website you can explore more about hand fan. This informative website provides you to look at old hand fans, its history, and a big opportunity to be a member of this organization.The Fan Museum, Greenwich This is hand fan museum is located in London, United Kingdom. You can visit this museum from Tuesday to Saturday at 11am-5pm. On Sunday every weekend it opens from 12-5pm for visitors.Peacock Feather Embroidered Hand FanI love these peacock print embroidered hand fans

Do you like peacock print pattern of product? I guess if you like then you would like to have a peacock pattern of hand fan. This type of hand crafted product is always beautiful and fashionable. You can think of this hand fan as gift for others. Choose your best peacock feather embroidered hand fans and start decorating your home and get cool airflow in summer. There is a peacock feather pattern hand fan which can be used for wall decoration.

It is a beautiful hand crafted decorative hand fan. This is embroidered peacock pattern home decor hand fan and it could be used as a great gift. You can use this on party or wedding ceremony. Hang this one on the wall and then it will shine your home's wall.

What can we do with Hand Fan?
People usually use folding hand fans or flat hand fans for generating cool airflow and for decorating home. Apart from these, some crazy people who love Chinese kung fu use these hand fans for practicing Chinese martial art. Though there are other reasons why people buy them and collect them.

1) Generating cool airflow
2) Decorating home
3) Practicing Kung fu
4) Collection
5) Exhibition
6) Dancing

You can a hand fan when you travel outdoor with family such as picnic, beach or even when you go for shopping.
Authentic Japanese Hand Fan - Silk Model - Ocean Wave

Korean Hand Fan - Hand Painted Folding Black Chinese Ink Bamboo Painting Korean Hand FanMulberry Rice White Paper Art Handheld Decorative Fan

I live in Asia and I have been seeing that we use bamboo for many purposes. Bamboo is a prat of our life, no doubt about that. We like collecting bamboo themed home decor accessories. I think you would like to have this bamboo themed hand fan. Korean hand fans are as beautiful as Japanese and Chinese hand fans. Don't you believe me, look at them yourself below. I hope you looked at them and what do you think now? Well, Korean hand fans are durable enough and very well designed with colorful paintings of many things such as flowers, trees, fruits. If you have intention to decor your home with hand fan then, be sure that you can choose a Korean hand fan. They are perfect and totally handmade product.

Amico Black Plastic Frame Embroidery Floral Detail Folding Hand Fan
Black Color of Embroidery Hand Fan
Do you like black color? This is my one of the favorite colors of my mom. Actually if you like black color then I hope you would not bother to decorate your beautiful house with this hand fan. It is a perfect hand fan for wall decoration.

If you like black color and searching for decorating your home's wall with black color of decor item then i highly recommend this hand fan to you. It is made by plastic, fabric and metal. This handmade hand fan is well designed with embroidered flower. This is an ideal gift for girls and women, who want to decor home, make cool airflow and stage performance for dancing.

Hand Fan Wedding Invitation Idea
Hand fan can be used as wedding invitation. Don't you think it is a great unique wedding invitation item? I know there are varieties of way of making wedding invitation, hand fan is one of them. To do this, take a good looking hand fan and then write down the wedding invitation message with marker or pen. You better take some colorful hand fan made of paper or silk. If you are done, I mean when you write the invitation message on the hand fan, just fold the fan and send it to the receivers. He or she (receiver) would be amazed to see your new wedding invitation idea.

Oriental Chinese Fan Martial Art Kung Fu Black Dragon Pattern Folding FanHand Fan for Kung Fu!

Do you want to practice kung fu with a hand fan? If you are searching for such type of hand fan then your problem is solved. Here I have one that is perfect for practicing kung fun.

Antique Hand Fan - Rennaisance Lace Hand Fan, Bamboo StemIt looks so stylish!

Lace hand fans are always beautiful. With this type of hand fan you can decorate your home, make cool airflow, make wedding invitation and gift for others.

Korean Hand Fan
Korean hand fans look like Japanese and Chinese hand fans though Korean hand fans have their own style of paintings on hand fans. Their hand fans are painted with beautiful landscape, bamboo, fruit trees, flowers, bird.

In Korea, women keep hand fans for their own use during summer time and other time they keep hand fans for home decoration item. Korean houses look so beautiful and they of course use hand fans to add extra beauty inside home's room. Traditionally, hand fans and Korean paper fans both are part of their culture. Actually Asian people know the value of hand fans. You can find well crafted and painted Korean hand fans online as well as in the shop.

Asian Silk Hand Fans
Are you interested getting this beautiful Asian silk hand fan? I am sure with this hand fan you can perform dancing quite nicely.

Dragon and Yin Yang Folding FanIt is a large hand fan
It is summer now. Don't you feel warm these days? I feel warm and if you have any party in this summer then don't forget to have a lightweight hand fan with you. This one could be the one you are searching for such occasion. Dragon and Yin Yang folding hand fan is a durable and strong enough. If you like dragon then i surly recommend this hand fan to you. You can keep this fan as collection stuff or use it as home decor item. Please be sure that this hand fan is designed only in one side with dragons, other side is black only. Nylon cloth has been used to make this fan instead of using bamboo or silk. This could a perfect gift for the one who love Chinese martial art.

Beautiful Decorative Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Spanish Hand Fans
Hand fans or handheld fans are quite beautiful and handy item for us. Do you have any hand fan? Sometimes we recognize a hand fan as folding hand fan as well. Generally, we use hand fans for two reasons. One reason is for decorating our home while on the other hand we use it for making cool airflow during summer. I think many of you have seen that Asian people use these hand fans such as in Japan, China, Korea, Thailand. Do you know what Hand fan symbolize for? It is symbolized of three things they are: Friendship, Good wishes and Respect.

Weather does not matter at all we can't say that we are only able to use hand fan in summer but other season too such as winter, spring, autumn. The one who is living in a cold weather, he or she does not have to worry, since you still can use these colorful hand fans for decorating your home. They are perfect for home decoration and it is one of the great home decor items I have ever seen before. Let us find out some beautiful decorative, antique, oriental folding hand fans as well as know the types of hand fans, Asian history of hand fans and many more. Please note that all these hand fans are handmade. Check them out!

Origin and History of Asian Hand Fan
It is really difficult to say the exact time when actually a hand fan was made. Though, history says hand fan was first originated in Egypt in 3000 BC. Here in this lens I am going to focus only on Asian hand fan history.

Folding hand fan was originated from East Asia (China) in the early 2nd century BC. It is noted that In the 7th century the Chinese dancing fan was developed. After that Japanese people invented folding hand fan in the 8th century BC. Folding hand fans is a part of Japanese culture, with this folding hand fans they perform many stage performance such as dancing, singing. It is really delightful to see hand fan dancing performed by Japanese women.

Still in China many kung fu masters such as shaolin monks use these fans as a great weapon. In Japan, the great Japanese warrior called samurai uses this hand fan and Geisha women in Japan always use this folding hand fans as their own tradition. They dance with many colorful hand fans. In Korea, people have a hand fan dance style called buchaechum. It is a very popular dance in Korea.

Later Asian hand fans spread to all over the world. The popularity and demand of using Asian hand fans are huge. Nowadays, people from all over the world more or less use these hand fans for house decoration, wedding ceremony, cultural event and many more. Today in many countries we see hand fan museums, they are all full of beautiful decorative hand fans.

Japanese Silk Folding Hand Fan 
Is not it a beautiful Japanese silk folding hand fan? I think you agree with me.

Japanese Hand Fan
Generally, two types of hand fans are available in Japan, folding and fixed. I don't know what do you feel or think of Japanese hand fans. Many people say that Japanese folding fan's design is much better than Chinese folding fans. However, there is a great significance of Japanese hand fans. These hand fans are used for many purpose in Japan such as gift, toys for kids and still Samurai warrior use this hand fans as weapon.

Japan is seen as the homeland of modern folding fans, everyone would agree with it, as I do. Kukuoka, the 6th largest city in Japan, this is where the Japanese first used to make hand fans in the 6th century A.D. Hand fan is a part of Japanese tradition. They decorate house with this hand fan and Japanese women like to keep a hand fan in a hot weather.

Japanese people believe that top of the handle of Flexed fan is symbolized as the beginning of one's life and the ribs stand symbolizes for road of a life that brings fortune and happiness for him or her. Traditionally, Japanese hand fans are well reputed all over the world. They are crafted well with my themes like cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, ocean, dragon and many more. Having a nice Japanese hand fan is a great feeling, since they are very colorful and well crafted.

Japanese Silk Hand Fan - Cherry Blossoms Look at this fan, it is very beautiful!

Japanese silk made hand fans are awesome! There are many flower and butterfly themed design of Japanese hand fans. These are also great decorative items for your home. A colorful well painted hand fan could be a great gift for others for many occasions. 

These all hand fans can be used as party accessories and no doubt these are perfect gift ideas.  People say Japanese hand fans are very beautiful. What do you think of Japanese hand fans? You will explore its beauty over here. I think you are going to love these Japanese hand fans that I would show you here. Look below it is a cherry blossom themed Japanese hand fans, it is perfect hand fan for summer and spring. Don't miss it if you like it.

Types of Hand Fan - There are only two categories of hand fan

1) Folding hand fans
2) Flexed hand fans (rigid and flat)

Mini Paper Oriental Folding FansThese are very much light hand fan but But very fashionable

Buddhist monks in Asia usually use this type of hand fans. I have seen many times that our monks use lightweight hand fans like these during summer. This type of mini white paper hand fans are beautiful as colorful fabric Japanese hand fans. These are small hand fans but they still look very beautiful.

Turquoise Floral Orient - Silky Satin Fabric - Perforated Red Tint Wood Hand Held Folding Fan

What a beautiful hand fan is this! This is an Asian hand fan which is perfect 
Have you ever noticed that Chinese hand fan is an important symbol of China, its culture and the people? If we look back to ancient time we would explore that they invented hand fans a long time ago around 3000 years ago or more. Though, no one knows the exact time when Chinese hand fans were invented. Since then Chinese hand fans are referred as useful tool and decorative item in China. It is a part of Chinese art and tradition.

Chinese hand fans became very much popular in the Han Dynasty. It is said that Chinese hand fans first were made by only bamboo, they used to craft very brilliantly. They were the real artists. Have you seen any Chinese hand fans, I think if you have then you have noticed that their hand fans are designed with nice paintings. Shaolin monks in China still use hand fans while they practice Kung fu. It is a great weapon for them. This is a very handy item and dangerous if you see these Chinese hand fans to shaolin monks' hands. Be careful!

Chinese Nylon-Cloth Dragon Hand Fan 
in Brilliant Red or Black Simple Colors: Red ColorRed color of hand fan! It looks very nice, Right!

Would you like to present this hand fan for your little girl? She would would happy because of this red color Chinese hand fan. This is one kind of traditional style Chinese hand fan. If you are serious and finding for a unique gift ideas for others then I recommend this Chinese hand fan.