Indoor Golf Simulator
If you though golf simulators are costly and are only meant to play golf, then you have to give another thought at it. Although the cost is high but it is justified if you know the importance of it. We all know that the main purpose of a golf simulator is to play golf while keeping the real feel of the game. What most people aren't familiar about is the use of it other than golf playing and training. Here I am going to explain what other purposes can be served by these simulators.
The older simulators had everything embedded in a system and hence they were just used for the sole purpose of golfing. The new system uses a computer, projector, projection screen and the ball capture technology which can be infrared sensors or high speed cameras. The simulator software is installed on the computer and then executed to play the simulation game.
The first thing you notice when you enter a golf simulator room is the huge projection screen and whenever people see a giant screen they expect to see a movie. The same is the case with the simulator; you can use it as a home theater with surround sound to watch movies or shows in high definition provided that the projector supports high definition output. You can also connect a gaming console to the projector and play games other than golf on the giant screen.
Even if you are a professional golfer, you would not want to play golf all day on the simulator. You will need other games to relax yourself at times. Since the computer is connected to the projector, you can directly play other pc games with the help of controllers to have great fun playing these games and at the same time relax your stress.
The room can be used as a meeting/conference room since it provides a huge screen for projecting reports or presentations in front of the attendees. Video conferences can also be held in that room so that everyone can see and listen to the speaker properly.
You can also get immersed in the music with the surround sound provided with the sim whenever you want to hear some soothing music. Be it a party or a casual meeting the simulator can provide all the amazing features to keep everyone entertained.
So now you know that a golf simulator is not only about beautiful golf course and golf training but much more than that. It is an all in one solution for your entertainment, work as well as golf 
training. Do not just rush now to get one after discovering the usability. Always make a proper research before getting one as every simulator is different and offers different features. Making a list of your requirements will help you decide your multipurpose golf simulator.