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The Doctor Who is known as the longest-running TV series all over the world. It has started to air in the year 1963. The show was mainly showed in the UK and since then it has already been a regular show up to now. The Guinness World Records listed the show as the longest-running sci-fi series all over the world. The fans of the show grew from hundreds to millions and has also been recognized in different countries such as the US, Japan and Australia. Today, the show has just wrapped-up its series 4 starring David Tennant, the tenth actor to play the lead role in the show.

Who is Doctor Who?

He is an alien who time-travels through TARDIS. TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimensions In Space which appears as a police box from the 1950's. The lead character has always a companion which helps him solve problems. He consistently battles monsters and robots. He has the ability to heal or regenerate itself when he is about to die. This played a major part in the series because it is a way for the writers to introduce a new actor playing the lead role.

How many actors played the role of "the Doctor"?

Right now, there are already ten actors who played the lead role. The latest is David Tennant who decided to leave the show to undertake other endeavors. Here is the list of the ten actors:

1. William Hartnell - 1963 to 1966 
2. Patrick Troughton - 1966 to 1969 
3. Jon Pertwee - 1970 to 1974 
4. Tom Baker - 1974 to 1981 
5. Peter Davison - 1981 to 1984 
6. Colin Baker - 1984 to 1986 
7. Sylvester McCoy - 1987 to 1989, 1996 
8. Paul McGann - 1996 
9. Christopher Eccleston - 2005 
10. David Tennant - 2005 to 2010

Among the ten actors that played the lead role, David Tennant was chosen to be the best among the rest beating Tom Baker. Since he will be leaving the show, the Eleventh Doctor has already been cast which is Matt Smith.

The Eleventh Doctor

Matt Smith is 26 years-old and the youngest actor to play the lead role in the show. He is an English television and stage actor. He has been in several theater and television shows. Fans of the show are excited and anxious at the same time because they are expecting a lot from this young actor. Source
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